Dance with the Elements: Unveil Your Quintessential Spirit

3 nights - 3 days, Commissioners Creek NSW

expansion | creation | magic

Join us for a 3-night, 3-day immersion of spirit and soul from the 18th - 21st October 2024.

Embrace the untamed energy of 'Quintessential,' a haven where liberation meets creativity.

Surrounded by the symphony of the elements, let your spirit dance with fire, ground in the earth, flow with water, and soar with the air.

Unleash the magic within, co-creating the extraordinary with Spirit, Mother Nature and a group of incredible people.

Nourish your body with meals crafted to complement this profound journey, and let the weekend become a canvas for the full expression of your authentic self.

Join us for a retreat that transcends the ordinary, inviting you to unlock the extraordinary depths of your essence.

Our Vision:

At Quintessential, we envision a world where luxury isn't just material, but a state of being that extends to the core of your existence.

We believe that true richness lies in the connection to oneself, others, and the universe.

Our retreat aims to offer you a space where you can reconnect with your authentic self, unlock profound insights, and find a renewed sense of clarity & purpose.

The Quintessential Experience:

Picture yourself in the lap of nature, surrounded by lush landscapes that effortlessly blend with meticulously designed spaces. Our retreat offers a holistic approach, combining comfortable accommodations, indulgent amenities, and gourmet vegetarian cuisine with profound spiritual practices and wisdom.

I hold an incredibly safe container with healthy boundaries but no 'rules'. You can be your true, raw and honest self, not having to be anything to anybody. You get to dance like no-one is watching, nurture yourself by choosing how you wish to experience your weekend.

I offer group experiences throughout the weekend that you can choose whether you'd like to participate in or maybe you wish to bring some artwork or creative endeavour to work on, your journal or a good book, whatever you need from this weekend is available for you.

My work is intuitive and guided by the energy of the group and each individual, I hold no set structure as such so we may allow for the flow of energy to be what it needs to be for the most potent experience possible. I don't believe in controlling the space but rather giving it the ability to be adaptable and dynamic.

You may choose to hold an intention for your experience but I can promise you whatever you may feel you need, you will receive so much more than you could possibly imagine.

We've had women experience self love on such a profound level, healing of sisterhood and trust in other women, deep ancestral and lineage work that has shifted generational wounding and unhealthy patterns, potent and powerful insights and wisdom, innocent and ecstatic play, joy and fun and so much more

My commitment to you is to hold a safe space, free of judgement and constraint where you can meet yourself in ways you never knew, to be curious about who you are and how you roll when you're given the freedom to express yourself in your raw, honest truth.


18th - 21st October 2024


9 in the accommodation

+alternative options available by request


Room 1 = 2 queen

Room 2 = 1 queen, 1 single

Room 3 = 2 single

Room 4 = 1 Queen

Cabin = 2 queen


Cabin Queen Bed (twin share) $2444pp

House Queen Room $2555pp

House Single share Room $2222

House Share Room $2444pp

Camper $2111

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Tracey Mcmahon is a wise teacher, mentor and healer helping people move toward the vision they have for themselves and their highest experience of life.

Tracey's gift for you is safety

Safety for you to be who you are, free from judgement but full of Love

Reminding people of who they are and guiding them to see their pure potential, Tracey is highly creative through emotional energy, working with her gift of intuition & her deep connection with Spirit, Mother Nature & Self.

Highly empathic to emotions, she receives the feelings of others and mirrors them back to them as beauty.

Tracey's methods are authentic and raw, she embodies her truth and her grounded presence creates a safe space for others to feel seen, heard and healed.