Every session is as unique as the person it is for.

Step into a sacred space where your journey unfolds through shamanic practices, energy work, and a deep connection with spirit and Mother Nature.


In our 1:1 sessions, the spoken word becomes a bridge for you to express and explore the depths of your being, fostering a safe haven for your thoughts and emotions.

Guided by the wisdom of shamanic healing and energy work, we tap into Source energy, allowing unconditional love to flow through, cleansing and making space for transformative energies in your life.


As a fierce protector in this sacred space, I serve as a bridge between worlds, helping you draw forward wisdom, release what is no longer helpful for you to feel lighter, clearer, and more focused.

Together, we weave rituals and daily practices to infuse intentionality into your existence, fostering mindfulness and conscious living. Immersed in the embrace of Mother Nature, we seek guidance through essential oils, tuning into energies that aid in releasing the unhelpful and aligning with frequencies that resonate with your aspirations.

During our sessions, expect shifts in perspective about your life, enabling you to see the bigger picture and release yourself from being stuck or stagnant. Your unique medicine emerges, understanding how everything that happened was necessary for your growth.

In the end, these sessions empower you to live your human life as a spiritual experience.

Your 1:1 session is a unique and magical journey, tailored to the essence of you.

Exchange for Online session is $255


In person session is $333

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