The Bridge is an online community, where healers, intuitives, holistic practitioners, and conscious business people share tools, resources, and information for you to access all you need to recognise your highest expression.

The Bridge community will include daily posts, weekly classes, weekly live sessions, weekly meditations, two monthly master classes, and two monthly live card readings.

There will also be a quarterly in person event, and a yearly in person retreat for members only - the cost of these events are not included in the monthly membership price.

The Bridge is a membership of $11 a week or $44 a month.

Each affiliate of The Bridge will have two steppingstone places to give access to someone for $17 a month for the first six months to help those needing extra support financially.

You're invited to be an affiliate of The Bridge

As an affiliate, there are several ways you can participate

1: Bring people to the bridge

2: Run masterclasses

3: Offer promo codes to members for your business

4: Share offers and promotions to our directory

5: Facilitate online events and experiences

6: Facilitate in person events

7: Facilitate at the yearly retreat

You have the opportunity to share you and all that you do as much or as little as you feel.

This is an invitation for you discuss this further, if it resonates with you or apply online right now.

Welcome to The Bridge Partnership Application

Please provide as much detail as possible about yourself and your business.